Pelotan x ashmei Challenge 31

ashmei challenge 31

We are excited to announce that Pelotan is teaming up with ashmei for this year’s winter edition of ashmei Challenge 31.

Now you have the perfect reason to keep up your usual fitness regime throughout December and for your hard earned efforts we are rewarding you with 31% off all our products, as well as exclusive offers, rewards and gaming fun from ashmei, Wahoo Fitness, SunGod and Mountain Rush.

Challenge 31 invites you to either run at least ONE mile, or cycle at least FIVE miles every day in December. For those of you wanting to go the extra mile (or many more in this case!), why not take on the advanced challenge. Run 131 miles (equivalent of five marathons) or ride 531 miles (in honour of the cycling icon Reynolds 531 frame).

By completing the challenge you will receive exclusive offers and information regarding events from all the official partners, including a late Christmas gift at the end of the month from us!

Sign up for the challenge here and follow all that’s happening via #ashmeichallenge31.

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