Pelotan in Mavic Neutral Support Cars

With France in the midst of another record-breaking heatwave, all eyes are on how a giant yellow ball will impact the battle for the famed yellow jersey.

As the Tour de France enters the Alps, everyone is feeling the effects of the elevated temperatures and incredibly strong sun – we’ve seen all types of efforts to mitigate it, from ice packs down jerseys to entire bidons being tipped over heads. Aside from overheating, failing to adequately protect skin from UV radiation has genuine impact on short-term performance as well as the body’s ability to recover effectively between efforts – not ideal as we head to the business end of the race!

So with everyone battling a common foe (the sun), we are delighted to announce that Pelotan is now in the Mavic Neutral Service Car because whatever team you ride for, nobody deserves to burn on the outside as much as they will on the inside.

Tom from Pelotan said: “We have been working with individual riders and whole teams at this year’s Tour de France and have been seen Pelotan used in some incredible performances so far. As the race has gone on, the sun has become a real issue for the entire peloton to cope with and so we are delighted to get Pelotan into the Mavic Neutral Service Car to ensure that nobody needlessly suffers sunburn and skin damage. The Neutral Service Car has an iconic reputation of providing help to whoever needs it, whenever they need it and we are confident that our Roll-On, which can be applied quickly and precisely whilst riding, solves any problems posed by the sun as the race comes to a crescendo.”