A few kind words about Pelotan from the cycling world


pelotan review - rouleur


“No one wants to have to reapply whilst on the fly, that’s why Pelotan sun protection receives a lot of summer loving from us at Rouleur …” Full review

Pelotan Press - Cyclist magazine

Cyclist Magazine

“… this is a must-have product for your cycling kit bag, no matter what type of riding you do, and it’s just as handy off the bike too …” Full review


Pelotan press -

“Pelotan describes its SPF30 suncream as a ‘high performance sun protection to meet the needs of cyclists from professional athletes to weekend club riders’, and as far as I can tell it lives up to the marketing spiel. It performs well, offering lasting sun protection, has a non-greasy application, and strong environmental credentials …” Full review

 Pelotan Press - cycling weekly

Cycling Weekly

“The alcohol-based spray formulation is clear, lightweight, non-greasy and breathable, but still meets the EU regulations for protection from UVA and UVB radiation …” Full article


Pelotan press - veloinsider

Velo Insider

“With a name such as Pelotan, it’s hard not to love this product even before you’ve tried it. But once you have, you realise it smells great, applies with ease, protects while providing a healthy deep tan, and leaves a lovely satin sheen to your rippling muscular legs (for some of us anyway!) …” Full review

Pelotan: Dedicated sun protection for cyclists launches across Europe … Full article


Pelotan Press -

“For cyclists, the eternal sunshine means skin protection is probably higher up the list of priorities than usual so the launch of Pelotan, a factor 30 sunblock designed for cyclists, couldn’t be better timed …” Full review


Pelotan press - koers cycling company

Koers Cycling Company

“Suns out guns out! Maar je moet jezelf wel goed beschermen. Binnenkort op voorraad zonnebrand speciaal voor fietsers”


Pelotan review - staub und teer

Staub und Teer

“Perfekt für die letzten Tage des Sommers oder das nãchste Trainingslager in der Sonne. Sonnenschutz für ambitionierte Radfahrer – Schweiß und Wasserresistent. Auftragen, Losfahren… *Werbung*”


Pelotan review -

“In for a sunny ride? Once a day sun protection designed for cyclists. In love with the branding.”